Blackout Paradox & Teatr Novogo Fronta & Sacra Circus “Nautilus” (CZE)


The Czech Republic free


Step into a world of whimsy and wonder, where adventure knows no bounds and fantastical creatures come to life. Inspired by the timeless tales of Jules Verne, this theatrical marvel unfolds within a magnificent 7-metre geodesic dome. With its self-supporting structure, the dome becomes a canvas for a mesmerising fusion of artistic disciplines. Prepare to be amazed as acrobats defy gravity, lights dance in harmony, shadows weave captivating stories, larger-than-life puppets take centre stage, and a fiery dance accompanied by pyrotechnic wizardry whisks you away on a journey through the ethereal skies and the mysterious depths of the ocean.


When: 27.07, 21.00

Where: Litewski Square

Admission free


Country: The Czech Republic

Duration: 55 min

Ages: 5+

Language: non-verbal


27.07, 21.00, Litewski Square

28.07, 21.00, Litewski Square

# street shows aerial clown show fire show light show puppets

Date: 2023-07-28

Time: 21:00

Venue: Litewski Square

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