Cia. Langostura “Copa-Copin” (URY / ARG/ FRA)

no restrictions

Uruguay / France / Argentina free 45 min non-verbal


The show draws inspiration from an artistic vision of the infinite universe, where acrobatics and balance are the main focus, creating illusions and providing entertainment. Every detail of the show is meticulously planned, and three talented acrobats gracefully navigate through life, captivating the audience with their remarkable balancing acts. Get ready for a rip-roaring show that will leave your abs begging for mercy!


When: 30.07, 17.00

Where: Litewski Square

Admission free


Duration: 45 min

Country: Uruguay / France / Argentina

Age: no restrictions

Language: non-verbal


27.07, 17.00, Litewski Square

28.07, 18.00, Litewski Square

29.07, 18.00, Litewski Square

30.07,  17.00, Litewski Square

# street shows acrobatics glass balancing hand-to-hand perch balancing

Date: 2023-07-30

Time: 17:00

Venue: Litewski Square

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