CIA RAUXA – “La Crisis de la Imaginación” (ESP)


Spain ticketed 45 min non-verbal

Before we take a single step, before a decision is made, we build it all in our minds. Can you imagine, then, the sheer weight of imagination on our life's path? But what if, one day, that ability vanished?

La Crisis de la Imaginación (The Crisis of imagination) is a modern circus spectacle, a dance woven from the surreal. Here, artists literally sculpt characters with their bodies, pulling you into a dreamlike yet bittersweet world.

Two figures guide you through this fantastical story, where movement becomes the hero. Reality gets a good shake-up, the lines between what's possible and impossible blurring before your eyes.


27 July 2024, 19.00 28 July 2024, 18.00

The Old Theatre in Lublin is a partner of this event.

# stage shows acrobatics clowning dance

Date: 2024-07-28

Time: 18:00

Venue: Old Town

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