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Picture this: four electrifying individuals, bursting with life's zest, even in the face of a world gone mad. They're everywhere, they're everything – the air you breathe, the pulse of your soul. Tutti Frutti is a salad of unexpected ingredients, seasoned with spontaneity and a dash of nonsensical logic. It's a concoction that'll have you roaring with laughter while simultaneously grinding your teeth.

This show is a social satire, a hilarious parody of power struggles and egotistical clashes between larger-than-life characters. Our heroes juggle everything they can get their hands on, spiraling into a whirlwind of euphoric buffoonery. Brace yourself for some truly liberating humor.


26 July 2024,  19.00 27 July 2024,  18.00

Attention! Sensory-sensitive individuals should be aware that unexpected sounds and effects may occur during the performance.

# clowning juggling

Date: 2024-07-27

Time: 18:00


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