Compagnie Akoreacro “Arret d’Urgence” (FRA)


France free 55 min English


Imagine a trailer that magically turns into a sensational, multifunctional circus stage, complete with trampolines and trapeze structures. Inhabiting this wondrous space is a group of talented acrobats, each a virtuoso in their own right. As accidents and mishaps unfold, they are met with incredible aerial displays and harmonious melodies. Throughout the entire performance, a concert is performed, as musicians and acrobats come together, defying gravity and creating a magnificent circus symphony.

The show was made possible with the financial support of the French Institute in Warsaw


When: 28.07, 22.00

Where: Zamkowy Square

Admission free


Country: France

Duration: 55 min

Age: 5+

Language: English



28.07,  22.00, Zamkowy Square

29.07, 21.00, Zamkowy Square



# stage shows acrobatics

Date: 2023-07-28

Time: 22:00

Venue: Zamkowy Square

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