Company Vol À L’étalage “Pile Ou Caisse” (FRA)

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France free 70 min English

Think you've got the skills to be a crate-stacking champion? This isn't your average fairground game – it's an epic challenge, a near-Olympic feat of balance and brawn! Forget clowns and cotton candy, this is circus madness meets extreme sport!

Born from a love of music, fashion, rock climbing, and yes, even pink, Compagnie Vol à L'Étalage presents Pile ou Caisse, an interactive show that'll have you on the edge of your seat (or should we say, crate!). Can you build the tallest tower imaginable and then conquer it by balancing on top?


25.07.2024, 18.00 | Błonia 26.07.2024, 18.00 | Błonia 27.07.2024, 18.00 | Błonia 28.07.2024, 19.00 | Błonia


# outdoor show aerial clowning dance equilibristics

Date: 2024-07-28

Time: 19:00

Venue: Pile Ou Caisse structure in Błonia

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