David “Sakalomo” Paloma – a freestyle highline show

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Spain free 15 min non-verbal


Highline Freestyle is a form of highlining where the artist utilises bounce lines to execute intricate body rotations around their own axis and the tape. This rapidly developing discipline is highly captivating and provides limitless possibilities for the most complex tricks and their incredible combinations. David "Sakalomo" Paloma, a freestyler from Spain who currently holds the title of vice world champion in freestyle and has created numerous awe-inspiring tricks, will demonstrate his exceptional skills in this field. Describing his performance in words is challenging - it must be witnessed firsthand.


When: 29.07. 2023, 16.00

Where: Łokietka Square

Admission free


28.07.2023, 16.00- 16.15 | Łokietka square

29.07.2023, 16.00- 16.15 | Łokietka square

# Urban Highline Festival acrobatics equilibristics freestyle highline slackline

Date: 2023-07-29

Time: 16:00

Venue: Łokietka Square

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