Duo LollyPop “Vintash!” (ESP)

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Spain free 30 min non-verbal

Meet Lolly and Pop, two vibrant personalities with an unquenchable zest for life and a talent for transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. Step into their whirlwind world of vinyl grooves, shimmering glassware, and the delightful pop of champagne corks. With a dash of mischief and a sprinkle of illusion, they orchestrate a series of whimsical escapades, each more absurd than the last. Their antics build up to a daring grand finale—a hilarious tribute to human folly that will leave you in stitches.


# buskers object manipulation

Date: 2024-07-28

Time: 19:00

Venue: Litewski Square / I <3 Lublin

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