Duo Patagonia “A whole trip” (ARG)

no restrictions

Argentina free 25 min non-verbal

Duo Patagonia is a dynamic Argentinian crew that seamlessly combines multiple disciplines to create passionate and artistically expressive spectacles on stage. Circus, dance, music – you'll find it all in their repertoire. The group was established in 2020 and has since embarked on a thrilling adventure of exploration, experimentation, and artistic growth. In 2021, they unveiled  "A WHOLE TRIP" – a spectacle that crowns their previous endeavours. In 2022, they took it to South America and Europe, spreading their magic across the continents.

About the show

Get ready for a wild adventure full of wacky twists, hilarious banter, and endless laughter! Two wanderers have strayed from their path and must reach their destination before nightfall. But with lakes, mountains, and endless deserts constantly distracting them, what are they to do? Every choice they make carries huge consequences. To reach their goal, our heroes must work together, turning their journey into a magnificent dance-acrobatic extravaganza. Will they successfully achieve their mission? Come and see for yourselves!


When: 28.07.2023, 17.00

Where: Łokietka Square

Admission free

Country: Argentina

Duration: 25 min

Age: no restrictions

Language: non-verbal


27.07 | 16.00, Square in front of the Centre for Culture

27.07 | 18.00, Square in front of the Centre for Culture

28.07 |  17.00, Łokietka Square

28.07 | 19.00, Łokietka Square

29.07 | 17.00,  Litewski Square – I <3 Lublin

29.07 | 19.00, Litewski Square – I <3 Lublin

30.07 | 16.00. po Farze Square

30.07 | 18.00, po Farze Square

# busker contest acrobatics dance live music

Date: 2023-07-28

Time: 17:00

Venue: Łokietka Square

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