LE MUR DE LA MORT “Mortel jus de Mortel” (FRA)

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Prepare to be mesmerised by "Mortel Jus de Mortel," a one-of-a-kind acrobatic circus experience! This thrilling spectacle blends the best of circus acts, theatrical storytelling, a vibrant fairground parade atmosphere, and electrifying live music.

Witness the legendary Le Mur de la Mort (Wall of Death) team resurrect a spectacular tradition from the 1950s. In one of the last performances of its kind in France, motorcycle daredevils defy gravity as they perform breathtaking acrobatics on a vertical wall, reaching speeds exceeding 80 kilometers per hour!

Hold your breath as multiple motorcycles engage in the legendary feat of riding side-by-side, pushing the boundaries of risk in a heart-pounding dance of skill and courage.

But the spectacle doesn't end there! The enormous barrel enclosing the performance transforms into a captivating stage. Prepare for a sensory overload as the roar of engines, the pungent smell of exhaust, and the electrifying mix of fear and laughter create an unforgettable experience.

Live music pulsates from the very machines performing the stunts, and the metallic clashes and crashes of these "metal beasts" fill the air with their unique scent. Remarkably, despite the high-octane intensity, the show maintains a minimal carbon footprint.And for an extra dose of surprise, a bear might even make an appearance on this extraordinary stage!

The Wall of Death itself is a historic landmark. Built in the 1930s in the USA, it boasts a unique design with external ramps, making it one of the most spectacular arenas of its kind in the world. Witness one of only three remaining functional Walls of Death on the planet and experience a show that will leave you breathless!


25 July 2024, 12:00, 14:30, 17:00, 20:00 26 July 2024, 12:00, 14:30, 17:00, 21:00 27 July 2024, 12:00, 14:30, 17:00, 21:00 28 July 2024, 12:00, 14:30, 17:00, 20:00

Attention! We recommend that sensitive individuals and children wear earplugs or noise-canceling headphones.

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Date: 2024-07-28

Time: 20:00

Venue: wall of death

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