PREMIERE “A hundred nanograms” POL


Poland ticketed 45 min Polish Sign Language

Everything carries a weight, we all understand,

A Porsche 911 boasts two tons in hand.

A Labrador tips the scales at thirty K's,

A diploma's worth fifteen measly grams

But what of your dreams, their value unseen?

How many grams 'til happiness leans in your keen?

A hundred nanograms is a synthesis of juggling, theatre, dance, and music, delivered in minimalist yet effective doses.


25 July 2024, 17.00

26 July 2024, 17.00

A reminder for our feather-sensitive audience:  real bird feathers are used in this show.

Performers: Tomasz Piotrowski, Patrycja Grzywińska


# stage shows dance juggling object manipulation

Date: 2024-07-25

Time: 17:00

Venue: The Old Theatre

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