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“The Trick" is a unique theatre show in which two artists show how illusionists have used illusions for centuries. However, the principles of illusion extend beyond magic and are also used in the manipulative techniques employed by politicians, media, and religious leaders.

While the artists disclose many secrets, they still aim to surprise the audience, leaving some puzzles unsolved and questions unanswered. The performance takes us behind the scenes of a magic show and explores the mechanisms behind major social manipulations. is it easier to deceive the eye or the brain? How can attention be controlled and vigilance lulled?  Exposing tricks can be useful in many different situations, not just when you are watching an illusionist’s show. . By understanding how they work, we may be able to protect ourselves from the manipulative traps that await us every day. How can we avoid falling into these traps? Watch “The Trick” to find the answer.



28.07 2023,  17.00

28.07,2023, 20.00

29.07.2023, 17.00

Where: The Old Theatre, Jezuicka 18

Ticket: 40 pln

Country: Poland

Age: 7+

Language: Polish

Techniques: theatre, dance, stand-up, illusion


# stage shows dance illusion stand-up theatre

Date: 2023-07-29

Time: 17:00

Venue: The Old Theatre

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