Tres de La Nada “H2Ooops” (POL/ESP)

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Poland / Spain free 33 min Espolish


TRES DE LA NADA are three artists from Pamplona, a city famous for many Spanish traditions. Before they met, Raul Hernández had performed illusion and juggling acts in Europe, while Sergio Carreror and Augusto Moreno had toured Europe, Asia and Africa with a pantomime show.  Now, they have joined forces. Their art is based on simple, but charming  wit, sound synchronised with movement, illusion, juggling strange objects and on direct contact with the audience. Spanish temperament fused with Central European inventiveness are the essence of their art. Great time guaranteed! “H2Oooops” is a journey into the centre of the earth and back in search of the life-giving spring. The audience watch as Javier, Sergio and Jorge scurry around the city doing their best to find what they are looking for.  To find help in their quest, they turn to technology, the spectators and even supernatural forces.  Their determination and obstinacy lead them to try a variety of ideas – from simple to totally crazy. The artists’ dedication is reflected in the emotions they evoke, the dynamics of the show and either the final success or a spectacular failure of the exploration project. Juggling, clowning, wit, dance, illusion and a truly deep story are the foundations on which Tres de La Nada have built their show. 


When: 28.07, 19.15

Where: Square in front of the Centre for Culture

Admission free


Country: Poland/ Spain

Duration: 33 min

Age: no restrictions

Language: Espolish


27.07, 17.00 ,  square in front of the Centre for Culture

28.07, 19.15, square in front of the Centre for Culture

29.07, 17.00, square in front of the Centre for Culture

30.07, 16.00, square in front of the Centre for Culture

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Date: 2023-07-28

Time: 19:15

Venue: square in front of the Centre for Culture

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