Valeria’s Klezmer Chariot – concert (SWE)

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Sweden free 60 min non-verbal


Experience the enchanting world of Valeria’s Klezmer Chariot as they take you on a journey through joyous Eastern European music! Get ready to dance with joy and clap along to the infectious rhythms of the accordion and tuba, while being mesmerised by the virtuosic and passionate clarinet improvisations. Valeria's Klezmer Chariot presents a diverse repertoire that includes exotic arrangements of Klezmer and Balkan melodies, Yiddish and Hebrew songs, as well as original Klezmer compositions written by the talented lead clarinettist, Valeria Conte. Hailing from Italy, Valeria has travelled extensively through Scandinavia before settling in Stockholm, where she has assembled a dynamic Klezmer band consisting of vibrant and eclectic musicians. Prepare to be swept off your feet by their energetic performance and the captivating tapestry of sounds they create.


When: 29.07, 22.30

Where: Błonia near the Castle - Festival Club

Admission free


29.07, 22.30, Błonia -  Festival Club

30.07, 20.00, po Farze Square

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Date: 2023-07-29

Time: 22:30

Venue: Błonia - Festival Club

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