Circus Next PLATFORM is a project for the development and promotion of a contemporary circus in Europe. In the years 2017-22, Carnaval Sztukmistrzow served as its local representative for Poland, in charge of the project’s promotion, local consultations, and organising the work of the contest jury.

Circus Next has been established to identify and support emerging artists in the field of contemporary circus. It focuses on original and unique projects that can contribute to the development of contemporary circus. Circus Next is made up of 30 members from 17 European countries, including representatives of European festivals, theatres and circuses, as well as heads of institutions connected with new circus.

It provides financial, residential, mentoring and administrative support in creating shows and increasing the visibility of artists internationally. CircusNext has become the platform for the development of contemporary circus in Europe.  Since 2001, the platform has supported 78 art groups from Europe, some of which have grown into the stars of the contemporary circus scene.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. It is understood that any information contained in this publication or project reflects only the views of the author and that the Commission is not responsible for it.

Zdjęcie kobiety podczas skoku. Znajduje się w powietrzu nad piachem.