The Polish Incident

The project aims at supporting the work of Polish circus artists. It is a contest consisting of multiple stages designed to showcase debut circus performances. Our goal is to discover new and unique ideas for circus shows, or ideas that incorporate circus aesthetics or themes.

This project aims to support artists at every stage of the creative process, from development to production, including masterclasses, consultations, residencies, and financial awards.

Our goal is to have the shows created within the contest performed often and presented at festivals, events, and public venues. To this end, we set up a platform for collaboration within the project by cooperating with different organisations, institutions and festivals in Poland.

The project allows artists to produce their own original shows, making it possible to create artistic circus performances. The winners of the contest have a chance to perform at Carnaval Sztukmistrzów, the largest circus festival in Poland. The post-contest production showcase, which crowns the entire process, is held every two years.


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